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L.H Chandrasekara & Brothers (Pvt) Ltd.
Approved paper merchants for national paper company limited & stationers.
Chandrasekara & Sons (Pvt) Ltd
Imports of all kind of papers, boards & stationers.
LHC Technologies & Distributors (Pvt) Ltd
IT solution provider & distributors.
Chandrasekara Book House (Pvt) Ltd
Dealers in stationary & printed books.
LHC Trading (Pvt)Ltd
Genaral Stationers

We would like to introduce ourselves as one of the leading stationers in Central Province for the last 36 years.
We have a clientele of more than 2000 comprising of wholesale dealers, retail dealers, government enterprises, departments etc, and vast numbers of consumers who visit daily.
We serve the entire Central Province with a range of computer accessories, stationery products, wedding cards, greeting cards, art materials, engineering and architectural instruments, exercise, monitors and CR books, all types of school requirements and we are the Sole Agent in Central Province for National Paper Company Ltd.
We are engaged in delivery service of our entire products to every nook and corner of Central Province and we are the agents for the Atlas writing instrument products, which are produced by Ceylon Pen Company (Pvt) Ltd.
We import papers, boards, and printing materials from India , Indonesia , Hong Kong etc, which are distributed among all the offset printers in Central Province

Mr. Chandrasekara came to Kandy from down south and started his career as a distributor of Dawasa Papers in the year 1960. In a very short period of time, he won the heart of the director of Dawasa group & started distribution of paper to the entire central province. He had determination, self, confidence, honesty, in all respects, hence, he was able to purchase a building to run the business. While he was carrying on selling Dawasa paper, he started a stationery business in a small way.
His 'Motto' was more customers and less profit making in the process of selling of Stationery items. (As a result, he was able to smash all bora merchants who were sharks of stationery trade.) Soon he became the sole distributor of National Paper Co. Ltd. and this activity got him all the leading printers rally round him for their requirements of board and paper.
This institution which was known as "Dawasa" was registered as " L H Chandrasekara and Brothers" in 1966. There after commenced supply of stationery items on cash & credit basis to all government departments, govt. schools, University & others. In the year 1987 on 8th of July another step forward was taken in manufacturing exercise books & stationery items on reduced rates under the name of Yasas Industries.
Mr.Chandrasekara,while he was looking after his own business arranged all his brothers to start businesses of their own choice and helped them to build them up too.
He was a life member of all Buddhist Institutions of Malwathu & Asgiriya chapters and Kandy Buddhist society and Sinhala Welanda Peramuna. Mr. Chandrasekara was a staunch Buddhist who helped the religion and needy society at large.
On 11th of august 1991 Mr. Chandrasekara departed from us due to untimely death. After the demise of Mr. Chandrasekara there was no one to take his place as all his brothers were running there own businesses. His son Yasas Chandrasekara took over the business with the help and advice of his mother, soon the institution started recording rapid growth (indicated a rapid growth). In the year 2000 L.H.Chandrasekara & Brothers fell in line with the requirements suitable to new millennium. The concept of "Stationery Under One Roof " that is from pin to computer accessories began to benefit our customers. This institution now has a large number of staff to cater to customers who call over to purchase their stationary needs.


In 1966 we started the sole proprietor business called L.H Chandrasekara & Brothers. In 1967 registered our business as partnership. In 1991 after our founder Mr.L.H Chandrasekara died, Mr.Yasas Chandrasekara took over this business and started to develop and give a new face to meet the new challenges in the field.
In 1995 he registered the first company with the board of directors called 'Chandrasekara & Sons ( Pvt) Ltd.' and started importing paper, boards & other stationery items from India, Indonesia & China.
In 2003 a new branch called 'Chandrasekara Book House' was opened in Kandy located separately. Printed books & stationary items were sold here. Also we diversified by starting a distribution unit from our head office. In 2004 our branch was registered as " Chandrasekara book house (pvt) Ltd. This became our third business.
The same year we developed our distribution unit and registered the same as our fourth business called "LHC Technologies & Distributors (pvt) Ltd." And this company handles two major areas; one covers our distribution network, and the other web hosting, web developing, domain registrations and total solutions in IT.
In 2005 our partnership mother company L.H Chandrasekara & Brothers turned into "L.H Chandrasekara & Brothers (pvt) Ltd." We deal mainly in papers, boards and Stationary items.
Also in 2005 we started our fifth company called "LHC Trading (pvt) Ltd." As such we now have five companies under the "Chandrasekara Group of Companies".

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